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We are a consulting and design studio operating from south of France and working internationally. Offering strong skills in graphic design, video direction, creative direction, visual identity systems, books and magazines in the commercial and cultural sectors, web design and cognitive intelligence interfacing.

Common Practice provides innovative ideas and solutions, can it be brands development, deployment of innovative ideas, or defining strategic directions in a visual and conceptual way. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we focus on mutual trust and clear communication.

5 impasse du Puits
13800 Istres France
+33 (0)6 61 23 24 77
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Selected Clients:
Orange design lab, MTV, Dassault Systèmes, Nintendo, Coca-Cola, Visa International, Chanel, Sony, Marseille-Provence, Asics

Friends & Collaborators:
Sanderson Bob Studios (Visa, Coca-Cola), Daal Crafted Machines, Karen Van de Kraats, Vladi Rapaport, Antoine Peters, Meyhiel/Cayce, Oxynel, parlĂ©, Bertjan Pot, Glamcult, parafilms, officeabc, xyz-projects, sockho, Glamcult (DDA, Asics).

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The Brand, 
Creative Direction
August 2017
Proudly announcing the birth of a skateboarding company with Common Practice involvment in all designs and creative development. Company name, visuals, collection and team revealed fall 2K17.

Djingo, Entity, Langage design
July 2017
We are excited to announce we are working with Sanderson Bob and David Carvalho; Vision & Design director at Orange; to design a global identity and polymorph interfacing-system for their new intelligent personal assistant, Djingo. A natural language processing machine; a new way of communicating with expressivity and adaptability - via sound & visuals.

Daal Crafted Machines, Car conception and design
June 2017
Co-founder of Daal Crafted Machines, CP is involved on all design departments for the French brand. Collaborating with skilled crafters all around France, but also Europe to deliver a new range of cars and machines.